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For more than a year a person has been locked up without trial in New York. The police claim that the hacker group Anonymous is one person: Martin Gottesfeld.

In an effort of support for a medical victim of malpractice Justina Pelletier, attacked the website of Boston Children Hospital. The police arrested him and is now holding him while they hope he gives up at some point and accept a lengthy prison term with a trial where they will have to provide evidence to the court.

Evidence which is so doubtful that it would properly not lead to a conviction.

He has been transported around various prisons to cause stress. The entire idea that the hacker group Anonymous is not a group of people but rather one person cannot be true. Yes, this person went to the same school as the founder of Facebook. But Facebook is not programmed by one person. They have many employees.

I hope that they will release him, but I have my doubts. The hospital is a large firm and has a lot of money and a lot of influence. They were able to influence the court to remove custody from caring parents in the case of Justina Pelletier which started the case. They can influence courts. They have politicians in their pockets.

I will pray for Martin Gottesfelds survival. It is needed. “Accidents” in prisons happen too often.

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