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Now about 28 year after the wall came down, it seems that we are willing to give up the last fundamental rights in the western part of the World.

If United States gives up right for ordinary people to defend themselves, then we have nothing left that made a difference between the life people lived behind the iron curtain and the life we are supposed to live here.

In Germany you can no longer drive as fast as you like on high ways.

The right to drive as you like and the right to defend yourself was the two thing which made the differnce between life in freedom and life controlled by the government in every aspect.

Of course I feel for those who have lost families and friends in school shootings but to change rights of liberty in all aspects is perhaps too harsh a reaction to this tragedy.

Weapons should not be for everyone, but if you live in a harsh environment with bears, big cats, snakes etc. you need something to defend yourself. If you are not that big a shooter, an automatic rifle is the answer.

In this case there are also factors as adoption and mental illness. Adoptions are in general scams. It is a tough human trafficing market and there are places where you can send a child to so they can be readopted if they are not the Stepford children, you saw in a nice advertisement. Some people see their children as accessories like their jewels, cars and furniture. Children are sold and bought in the adoption process.

Maybe they can start putting a ban on weapon for those who are adopted. Risk of mental issues are just that much higher if you are adopted trapped between the legacy of your birth heritage and your adoptive heritage.

Then they are talking about putting guns in the hand of teachers. When the police arrive and see a bunch of people carrying a gun, who do they then shoot at? Why not increase the number of armed guards in school. People who will try to save lives instead of remaining outside until the criminal has no ammunition left as it was the case in Florida?

They need to do something but not to ban guns in general. Here in Denmark, we as potential victims do not carry guns. Instead we choose to life a quiet life without valuables hiding our success so we do not become victims. This is also what the Jante Law is about. It is a tool to prevent friends and family to step out as something special putting them in the spotlight and properly increase the risk all us around them to become victims for those who wants their wealth.

Is it a life in darkness where the only joy people can have is drinking beers with friends, which actually is not bad life as it is the life I live, they want – then introduce gun control and disarm the potential victims.

But then you can read in the history books that we lost the cold war.