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They recently broadcasted the movie Agnes of God, which is made based on real events.

Some years ago there was another case at a place which now is called River View Christian Academy (Back then they called it Julian Youth Academy but they changed the name shortly after the death baby was found).

The girls at this place in California were not nuns. They were sent there because their parents wanted them to live a secluded christian life. We all read of movie stars and musicians on drugs who get probation and luxury rehabs which lets many teenagers believe that you can live such a life without consequences.

There is a #Metoo campaign in the entertainment industry right now, which is fine. But it would also serve the general public right if the industry shut down both musicians and movie stars the first time they are caught breaking the law. Maybe all movies and all music where actors and musicians have been caught using drugs or have been caught driving and drinking should lose the copyright protection, so everyone can listen and see the work for free?

Something has to be done because places like River View Christian Academy exists all over the world. In Denmark we have seen teenagers being sent to places in Somalia where they are chained in religious boarding schools learning how our entire culture is wrong and how much better they would be received in paradise if they put a stop to our culture by blowing themselves up among people in the street or simply driving a truck killing people.

When the girls first are placed in this religious matness, then they face difficuties returning to a normal life involving partying and socializing in bars as we others do. At River View Christian Academy it seems that some of the girls remain as employees because they properly cannot get credits for the primitive schooling at this school leading to real jobs outside.

One of these girls was the mother of the baby who was found dead. The baby died of hunger only days old. Ill-equiped to handle motherhood combined with expectations of shame and punishment pushed the mother to neglect her child.

Unlike the original case where the nun was aquitted, the mother in California got life.

I cannot stop to wonder that the reason was that the mother was labeled bad in advance even before she took the first step into the court room because she was not a nun.

What do you think?