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Today the queens husband – Henrik – is being put to rest.

His legacy will be of a man who tried his best. Given that he was born in France and given a good education in both France and places in Asia, he was very qualified to handle the job as royal consort.

But education is not enough to be truly accepted as a Dane.

Many immigrants having obtained doctor degrees and long expensive education abroad find themselves working as cab drivers or shop assistants. The employers often disregard people with working experience from abroad as they cannot check up on the credentials like they can when the former employer also was in Denmark.

Then there is the Jante-law. It is Denmark’s unofficial constitution. It was written by a guy from Norway who wrote it based on what he saw and experienced when he was staying in Denmark. There has been too much negativity around the Jante-law because it is actually a positive part of being a Dane. I will call it the perhaps best part of being a Dane.

It secures our nation from people who ruthless will benefit on the cost of others. Even the police will say. If an offer is too good, then it is most likely based on a crime.

We do not like our children to aim too high.

Our government has asked the next generation to dream less and more sensible choices based on their social heritage. The country also needs nursing assistants in the retirement homes, people serving burgers at McDonald (McJob-career), people who fix things for small fees even when some of the income are paid cash without notifying the tax-departments like carpenters, masons and plumbers do. These shady jobs are also needed in our society and if you are not born into an academically home do not bother dreaming about an academic career. The government has cut in state funds for the students and the Danish government have asked the schools to cut 2 percent per year so they enroll fewer students.

I have difficulties finding a country where ordinary life is so hard as it is in Denmark. Not even after serving your country or your workplace for many years, you are allowed early retirement. In Denmark the pension age is close to 70 as the first country inside the European Union which is there retirement age all countries inside the European Union will end up with. France where the prince was born has a long road ahead of them in this area but they are bound to end up there if they want to continue to be part of the European Union.

Where is it where Henrik can teach a lesson to future immigrants?

Look at his life! He was never accepted as a truly native Dane. He has been in the country since 1967. He spoke at least 5 languages. His knowledge of art, litterature, arkitekture and music was more than above average. In every aspect of life he represented the elite.

And that is it!

Not even the best is good enough. Ordinary Danes does not aim at the elite. Ordinary Danes settle for things in life. For one reason only!

If you do not aim high, you will not risk getting disappointed!

Disappointment leads to anger or depression. Both conditions which in other countries lead to crimes. Danes want to behave themselves. They do not want to put themselves in a position where they based on anger or depression hurt people.

We know that it is the best method putting a society together.

So each and everyone who consider a life in Denmark as their future instead of whatever life they have outside, please consider!

Even if you are the best you will not succeed in life to be fully accepted. Henrik was not able to do it. How will you by any means even think that you could do better?

If you are an immigrant considering, please think about that before you come here. It is not that we do not like foreigners. But we are a small sensitive culture with none or little surplus for new things in life as the conditions for our existence are as hard as they can get.