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The new tax laws in Denmark has also a built-in mecanism against brain-drain. Too many Danes aquire their education here in Denmark for our money and then leave Denmark to work abroad. In my mind they do not show gratitude towards the country that provided them with the level of education that enabled them to take the job abroad.

The new laws are very clear. You have to remain in Denmark for 7 out of 8 years. Otherwise you will be considered to be an immigrant regarding social benefits!!

If you are hit by unemployment, you will only 2/3 of the money you normally would have received if you have been away from Denmark for too long.

That is really good news. Had those laws been applied back when my brother decided to go abroad in order be qualified for a certain line of work, he might have been alive today.

Ironically enough it was a former minister who suggested that young Danes took part of their education abroad meaning that my brother went to Germany to work. However in Germany they do not have the same work environment and the workers are not as likely to go out after work for a drink so they can learn each other to know which is the only decent way to socialize in our country. He became isolated and depressed. Short to say. He could no longer live, knowing that he had failed trying to become what he intended to work with for the rest of his life.

Now other families can be spared suffering the same tragedy and loss as we did. It is very happy news.

If the rest of 2018 is going to be like the start, it will be a happy year.

New tax agreement spells ends to free Danish-language classes for foreigners (The Copenhagen Post)