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I saw a press release on a message board what a family had sued Diamond Ranch Academy which is one of those private child prisons in Utah parents can send their child to if the child gets poor grades or is showing interest on the wrong gender or just wants to dress like the other gender.

According to the law suit a girl was assaulted by an employee who had been warned several times. Why just not fire the employee the very first time something out of line occur? It is asking for a law suit.

I will guess that the so-called Academy will write this of as a single incident. A single random happening which just placed them in a bad spotlight.

However I decided to Google. I found another case involving a teacher at the so-called Academy who had very undecent contents on his computer. Contents which placed him in prison for many years.

Then I found that two boys had died while they were at the so-called Academy.

One had snuck out in the showers where he hanged himself. To understand why going to school could make people do that, I can read based on testimonies from the former students that they start at the school without permission to keep a cell-phone or having social media access to all their friends back home. This social isolation can bring anyone to the edge. I know due to very sad things which happened to my family which you can read in this blog. That parents can allow this, should make local social services back home intervene and remove the child and siblings from the parents control. Social isolation in a strange place out of town is a totally no-no unless court ordered.

Another died due to illness. I learned that the so-called Academy used to be located more remotely than today. I also learned that the employees where slow to react to illness because they often experience that it could be manipulation. However it only take one bad judgment before a family gets a corpse home instead of a son. If placed in that situation I as an employee would never take that risk. Just imagine having to tell the parents that their son had passed away. Then you can as many local coroners on your salarylist trying to find an excuse. Still just having to pass this message. It is not fun.

Now we have 4 single incidents about this Diamond Ranch Academy. Is it a pattern showing an evil operation? What do you say?

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