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In my last post I wrote about not ever mentioning the suicide of my brother again and yet I will write about it in this blog entry due to the suicide of Conrad Roy III.

Apparently the court found his friend Michelle Carter guilty of having pushed him over the edge.

I have to say that the mother of Conrad Roy III properly miss her son just as much as I miss my brother. My brother will properly be in my memory forever. Do I blame someone for his death? Yes. I blame the Danish government for having forced him to work in a foreign country in what basically turned out to be isolation.

But I am also realistic. I cannot take the government to court because it is runned by people who came directly from a school to politics. They are supposed to know how their legislations affects people and in the case of my brother directly hurt people. The voters want it to be so. I am one of them. I pay a lot in taxes. I do that so I do not have to use my time volunteering in a soup kitchen or otherwise concern myself with illness or hardship. I am not in a line of business where I work with human welfare in any form and have decided not concern myself with that as result of my careerchoice.

I have to say that it was somewhat tiresome talking to my brother during his last months. I don’t know how many times I said to him: “Give up” “Come back home and live some time on welfare. I am paying taxes so you should be allowed that”. Why shouldn’t he? We pay a lot of so-called refugees for stealing jobs from Danes when they are hired by employers all over Denmark kicking ordinary paid Danes out of their job, so the refugees can be integrated by working for no pay at all. The employers are happy because they save money for salary and can kick expensive workers out. I would have no problems seeing my brother on welfare because there is not work for everyone. Especially when we invite everyone who claims to have seen suffering in a country far away to live here.

But my brother was proud. He could not bear to return to Denmark unemployed and having uncompleted his time down there. I was so tired back then.

I guess that Michelle Carter was tired of having been phone by Conrad Roy III too. She is not a trained professional. She was not prepared to listen to all his complaints and it was far from first time that he contacted her tired of his life. Well. It was the first ruling of its kind. None were fully sure how the court system wants people to react when people trying to kill themselves phone them.

I guess what the court just told the world to do it so switch phonenumber and unfriend people thinking of suicide on social networks. There is no right advice to give people in that situation and we are taxpayers not doctors. I think that the ruling is wrong. The girl should not be given the level of responsability because she is not trained. The media provide of with so-called news of tons of suffering from all over the world. I makes me numb of hearing people complain. I do not care about wars, hunger and illness because I pay my taxes so others can choose to make a living of helping others.

As for the relatives of Conrad Roy III, I have to say. Move on! People kill themselves all the time. I would have loved to drag my brother back to Denmark so he could have gotten some ECT and collect money from state instead of continuing to sit isolated down in Germany and in the end die but it would not have worked. Some people just die. We live and we must continue to live enjoying what is left before our employer kicks us out so our job-position can be taken over by someone working for free.

The last part about my job-future made me sad. Now I really need a beer.