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I have not been active on this blog 2017. I have been busy doing a new job where I travel to Copenhagen for meetings with the main office. I takes long time due to the heavy traffic on the roads to Copenhagen and public transport in Denmark is simply too expensive and of too poor quality to use as an alternative to the car.

When I switched on my Television last night I learned of a terrible boating accident which now have claimed the lives of two people from the United States.

When I learned where it had taken place I recognized it as just next to the office. When I had breaks during my visits to the office, I often went down to the harbor. I have often wondered why it was allowed to rent out boats just there where the busy harbor ferries passes by. Also we have to remember that there is a lot of construction going down in south part of the harbor and they need to pass this place to deliver goods.

It was a tragedy waiting to happen. It is sad that two people from the United States had to die before anyone can think of ordering the business owners renting out boats to tourist to demand that those who rent boat have to sit down an entire day and learn about the traffic rules on open water because it doesn’t matter if you rent a boat in the Copenhagen harbor or you decide to cross the Atlantic ocean. You have to learn how the international rules on water works!

These small boats cannot be seen before you are almost too close when you enter the area in a harbor ferry. Now 8 people will have to use time of the criminal case. Maybe it will end just as it did when a woman from Australia didn’t observe a full stop in Jutland and 3 children died when they were hit by a car going + 50 kilometers over the speed limit. The danish driver was fined DKK 10,000 and had to retake his drivers license.

It is a lot of money our legal system will have to use on this case and it could have been avoided if the businesses renting out various boat in the inner Copenhagen harbor had to obey stricter rules ordering them to educatate their customers before putting the customers into dangerous situations.