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2016 was a kind of “Getting over 2015” year.

We all cope with loss as we best do. The medication I would working was exercise. Grief is not something you can talk you way out of. You have to give it time. You have to decide what to remain bitter about and what to let go.

There was certainly a lot of things I could have done differently regarding getting my brother home before it was too late.

But I didn’t and I cannot remain sorry about things undone.

I can remain bitter about the conditions which forced him to make this terrible decision to move which resulted in his death. That is where I have put my energy. To warn other against making the same kind of decision.

2017 can be a challenge also. I have to find a new line of work. The printing industry will never recover. It is an industry kicked out by politicians who want to make secret deals with IT-companies so there are room for kickbacks to everyone.

Instead of 15,000 people in the printing industry have jobs with decent salaries, 1,000 people in the IT-industry on friendly terms with the politicians get high salaries. How that can benefit our society I cannot figure out.

2017 – here I come. I am not sure what to expect but quiet it is certainly not going to be.