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Martin Gottesfeld is the subject of a court case where he is believed to be the entire Anonymous network of hackers. Boston Children’s Hospital who basically jailed a poor girl because the doctors at the hospital disagreed with the diagnose the girl’s doctors had given her.

At some point during the case with the girl the website of the hospital was compromised. While the girl was able to return home to her family and continue her treatment for her original illness, the police began looking for Martin Gottesfeld. He was arrested and has now started a hunger strike.

This case should get a lot more attention. We as ordinary people should be able to seek treatment without risking being labeled with illnesses, we dont suffer from.

Thanks to the effort of many people – including Martin Gottesfeld – the girl was freed.

They should release him right now.

But money talks and I fear that he will become victim for the money people behind the Boston Children’s Hospital.

We need to put faces on these people. We need to bring them out in the public so people will know that they have invested money in a firm which doesn’t care about ordinary people.

For more info, please visit the FreeMartyG campaign.