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Many people wake these mornings finding their cars burning. Groups of people put the cars on fire. The police have arrested one man but I doubt it would fix the problem.

Burning cars are quite normal in Sweden. It is not known outside Sweden because they believe that their public image will be destroyed if they target the groups who commit the crimes. So people in Sweden just have to endure. I believed that the borders between Denmark and Sweden was closed due to the immigration crisis bothering many people who just want to go to work. Just as the Palestinian people they have to wait for a long time to enter Israel to work, the same goes for people who happens to work on the other side of the border.

It is not the first time people in Copenhagen had to live with fires. Normally it is the dumpsters which are targeted and sometime the fires cannot be contained and then a car or a house is destroyed. The police have arrested many people over the years but we are talking of youth gangs who are divided between cultures and if you want to be a Dane you have to work hard to become it.

I have met many immigrants and they know that they have a special obligation to fit in and not become a part of the few people who destroy it for the others. Danes are not open. If a man with more than 10 generations moves from Copenhagen to the western part of Denmark, maybe his grandchildren would be regarded as locals. That is the time you have to grant Danes to accept you as one their own. Once they do, they are properly the best friends you can get.

Many Danes deselect ownership of a car. Beside the problems with car-burnings also private parking firms see to that you as a car-owner easy would see yourself just as targeted as people being victimized like they were tormented by ISIS. How such firms can be legal is beyond my imagination. Their employees are the lowest you can get. They might be regarded as low as the people who turned on the showers for the Jews during the Second World War.

Even public parking prizes should scare most people away. In parts of Copenhagen like Ørestad and Nordhavnen you have to pay DKK 12,000 per year for a parking space for a car. That is insane.

Maybe it is why some people bear anger toward those with car-ownership. Because it seems unmanageable to own one with all these parking rules and mandatory audit of its safety every second year after the European Union required it. I don’t know. I am happy I am not living in Copenhagen but in the countryside where cars are accepted. If only the central government over in Copenhagen hadn’t introduced the low speed limits here in Jutland. They were only made so it could take longer to pass across Sealand letting it look big.

But it is difficult to demand an independent Jutland. Maybe it will come one day. I would welcome it so we could drive properly again.