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Denmark consist of 5 major cities, some cities where people live and commute to the 5 cities and then a wasteland Danes know as “The Rotten Banana”.

  • In the Rotten Banana roads are converted to dirt roads to save maintenance.
  • In the Rotten Banana houses are torn down because they do not want low-income families to escape the slave labor system known as job-training our policians have invented to support local businesses. Several employees are simply not paid full salary but have to work for their unemployment benefits believing that they might qualify for a real job once day. Often it is not the case. The people are simply replaced with new people who take over their job-training position and they are sent to a new place as job-training.
  • If you are born out there, 9 years of schooling is common. If you are very lucky you can get a high school degree but then it is over. The universities are located in the big towns where cheap apartments are impossible to get.

People become frustrated because they are not given a card deck to life which provided them with any possibilities.

So now they are throwing bricks down on drivers on our high ways if they believe that the car looks expensive enough so the driver appear loaded with money. A german woman died just last week and it is far from the first incident. Such a crime is never acceptable but until the police catch the people responsible all what matters is to avoid being a victim.

It is simply not safe to drive on our high ways. If you are a tourist, please avoid Denmark.