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All too young people don’t get more than 9 years of school. Uncertainty has hit the young people hard. Our parliament discuss converting the Danish student grant system to a system where students get loans instead so they once they graduate might consider if the education was worth taking at all when the rest of their life goes with paying off student loans.

So many drop out after the 9 years of mandatory schooling as the law states in Denmark, but 9 years of schooling is in no providing them with the skills mondern jobs demands. They live of small odd jobs sometime getting beaten up by taxi drivers or other people connected to various trade unions.

Taxi drivers attack Uber drivers. We are talking simple violence. A few jobs they are trying to protect while all other workers in Denmark risk seeing their job go to the Eastern part of Europe tomorrow. Large firms like IBM and CSC has lost 2/3 of their Danish employees. We are talking thousand of jobs and they are complaining about a few lost rides.

The future of Danes look at dark as ever:

  • Students grants are on the line.
  • Parents have to pay for the treatment of their children if the illness of their children is not physical but a mental illess
  • Early retirement are cut
  • Tax reduction for transport to a job is reduced but the prices of public transport goes up. People with lowpaid jobs suffer

I am worried because the poor people without jobs aim their anger at those who take an education. Students celebrating their exams are egged in several towns. Part of it is of course the old Danish Jante Law but it is also more. It is Denmark being divided between those who have success and those who don’t because they are born into poor families and don’t stand a chance.

In Denmark where you pay more than 50 percent of your income in taxes you don’t establish a college fond for your children if your are an ordinary Danish tax-payer because the money are not there. They are paid in Taxes so they can give your children student grants. The money for a college fond is simply not there there for ordinary Danes. Education might be out of reach for many Danes.

Daily life is getting worse in Denmark.