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Let me state it very clear.

The European Union is not for us ordinary people. This coffeeclub for former has-beens in the policial establishment is gaining vital influence on our daily life without us having any word about it. Combined with the massive corruption in the southern and eastern part of Europe its nature corrupts even our system. Denmark has been known to have been one of the less corrupt nations in the world. It has changed.

With the arrest of a lot of former Atea customers working in the public sector it is clear that Denmark has tried to adjust to the European standard. Despite the arrests and on-going investigation Atea continues to land contracts with the public customers. It proves to me that we are now on a average level of corruption as we see it in other memberstates.

I would like for us Danes to be allowed a vote on our membership. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the political establishment will learn how we vote. They like us to be quiet.

But I cannot be quiet when the early retirement has been cancelled. I cannot be quiet when our trains no longer is driven directly under the state resulting in expensive train-tickets and a huge part of the railways being run by pricate firms. I cannot be quiet when work are done abroad resulting in brigdes not being built in a acceptable standard, trains not running purchased from Italy, Ferries rebuilt abroad having become so heavy that they no longer can enter the harbor. I cannot be quiet when the state allow a company like CSC to hire cheap Indian labor resulting in a security leak so everyone can hack our drivers license database.

I need to speak my mind. I would vote for an exit from the European Union. Only then we can gain control.