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Last weekend I took my bike for a long leg.

I biked to Langaa. In Langaa, there are two railway bridges over the river almost side by side. The old one was according to rumors constructed after the second Schleswig War where the Germans blew the old one up.

It is a wonderful countryside.

Besides my biking, I have also started to swim as I train for the river swimming competition. You have to stay fit because depending on how much water there is in the river you have to use a lot of power to finish.

The bike rides also contribute to remove stress. There is not a lot of orders to handle at work. In Denmark the printing industry have lost about 15,000 people during the last 10 years. The financial crisis forced many companies to cancel the use of papers and of course, none sends snail mail anymore. Emails have taken over helped along by constant increase of the prices for shipping letter and packages. Denmark is rumored to be the most expensive country in the world to send snail mail in.

When you like to have something to do, it is frustrating. I started this job only last year so I would be one of the first to go and it is stressful.

So biking lowers the stress.