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I took the train to Aarhus yesterday. Normally I would take the car but since Aagade was broken up and replaced by a river traffic has been bad in Aarhus.

What use is a highway to Aarhus when there are difficulties finding free parking spaces in Aarhus? These private parking firms are everywhere.

Anyway, they were still not 100 percent settled with the passing of my brother. Life goes on but the hurting will properly never go away. To lose a child is properly the hardest blow life can give you. Once you are the oldest regardless of age you start to prepare for the end as life as an elderly is not that much fun in these modern years where all the money goes to people who have never contributed to the state as tax-paying citizens.

Then to be hit by such a tragedy life turn the head down.

At least they still have the memories. Memories you will never lose. It is the one thing you will have forever. It is a good comfort to have.

I returned late in the evening. To my surprise, it was one of the IC4 trains. They do run after all. For many years, I considered their existence as actually rolling stuck a myth.

All together a good day even when the trip brought back memories of a sad time.