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I don’t know if he died back then or he lived a full life in secluded semi-retirement renting out surfboards on Hawaii as many claim. I do know that I am finished listening to his records. The reason is that some of his heirs have sued the owner of a copy of his house here in Randers.

The entire house was built as a tribute to his memory and now they do not want it existing.

The house is the main reason people still remember him. Once musicians die, they are often forgotten unless they have made something extraordinary like John Mogensen. His son “Der er noget galt i Danmark.” was good but it became preserved for an entirely new generation once two young musicians resampled is as rap-music. Then it became a legend.

The same you cannot say about Elvis Presley but then of course there is the house. It is what he stood for. The American way located just across a McDonalds and the supermarkets which is a kind of shop type that came from America. Had the owner of Foetex not visited the United States we would properly still have small groceries to shop in.

I find this lawsuit awful and I would react to it by never buying or listening to his music again.