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Will I live in Randers for the rest of my life?

Randers is not Aarhus where I was born and where I lived until I moved to Randers to live with my girlfriend who is for real despite what some might think on other websites.

Randers is a small town located near a river. In fact the longest river in Denmark called Gudenåen.

When I was a child I used two weeks together with my uncle sailing down the river from a small village called Toerring. Down there the river is hardly more than 4 meters wide.

I took close to a week to reach Silkeborg which is a fine town to visit unless you are in a car. Then it is impossible as tourist because private parking firms live of parking traps where you are fined if you fail to find the often hidden signs. So don’t visit Silkeborg by car.

I remember how cold it was. The first day the river had a lot of turns so we only manage to cover 10 kilometers for the entire day ending up camping in a corn field near the village Aale. But despite the short distance you were never bored.

I also remember how frighten I was passing Mossoe which is a large lake. It felt enormous and suddenly you felt rather small in a canoe. The lakes up to Silkeborgs weren’t that fun either when the wind is strong.

But while it was hard it was one of the vacations I remember at best.

Now I living here in Randers and I use my bike to get exercise. When you bike to the end where the river meets the ocean you get good exercise. When you are close to the village Drastrup coming from the village Allingaabro you will meet the Volkmoelle hill. It is step – violent step. You will have to work hard to get up.

Of course it is nothing like Tour De France but when you are not Lance Armstrong, which I consider the greatest rider ever despite what others are claiming this small hill is very hard.

In Aarhus you have to ride a distance just to get out of town. Here I am out of the city after just 10 minutes on my bike.

That’s why I love Randers and I properly will live here for the rest of my life.