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Sweden has decided to introduce strict border control or it would say: They have asked the Danish railway and bus companies, even the Danish ferries to do the border control for them in Denmark. Otherwise these Danish public owned firms will be issued a fine if a refugee is caught trying to get to Sweden.

The bill for this job has to be paid by Danish tax-payers who are taking a lot of beating due to the high number of refugees in Denmark.

We have already suffered so much.

Chrismas food for Danish pensionersDanish pensioners living in retirement homes after a full life with hard work get a simple meal for Christmas eve. That is what our economy allow us to repay those who built our society with due to the cost of the migration crisis.

Our children will be less educated than we parents because our police force had to be increased so they had manpower to handle the large amount of refugees.

The hospitals are under construction right now because many Danish hospitals have been neglected for decades will not have all the necessary facilities. Some of the present hospitals are more than 100 years old and in dire need of replacement. It would properly never be.

We are so f*****

And then adding to the damage Sweden runs from taking any responsibility when it comes to the migration crisis and place the costs for their border control in Denmark.

I am so disappointed with both the Swedish people and Sweden as a country in general.

One thing is that the refugees don’t understand what it takes to be Dane. The hatred and bitterness we have muster every morning to get to work. I will guarantee that they will be sitting depressed all day despite being far away from war, torture and hunger.

But to check out of the necessary work as the people in Sweden do that is cowardness.