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I had never heard on Elan until I read articles about Michael Skakel who was sentenced of a murder on some girl back in the 1970’s. The police and prosecution really didn’t have any evidence of real value. But they couldn’t pin the murder on his big brother who they focused on based on the Jante law.

They claim that they had some kind of confession which was made while young Michael was placed at Elan. Here is when it got interesting. Elan used torture. Teenagers were thrown into a boxing ring against all the other students and got their a*** kicked. Some ended up in hospitals. Others escaped. One was killed while on the run.

The person who told the police about the so-called confessional cannot repeat his testimony. Post-traumatic stress disorder took a burden on his life and it was worn out early.

Of course people state that Michael Skakel is a Kennedy so it is why he was granted a new trial. Fact is: Elan was torture and people know that confessions made as result of torture are almost untrue every time.

Elan shut down after the authorities acknowledged that they had managed to ignore abuse for more than 3 decades. None of the so-called therapists were brought to justice. Only Michael Skakel for a murder he most likely didn’t commit.