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I am tired of the migration crisis. I am tired of jobs going to the eastern part of Europe. I don’t want to talk to people outside Denmark anymore. We lost our early retirement and we might have to work many years before we are allowed to retire. That is the fault of the European Union because they cannot watch their borders good enough. I am tired of European coorparation. I want Denmark to leave the European Union.

With closed borders we would be much better of and yesterday Sweden announced that they will start dismantle the Oresund Bridge if the migration crisis continues. It is very country for themselves.

Countries like Hungary have stolen Danish jobs. They can do it because they totally fail to take responsibility when migrants come to their country. Without the burden of housing migrants they can offer lower taxes and cheaper costs for firms wanting to remove jobs from Denmark to place them in Hungary instead.

That is why we need to leave the European Union because then we have put a tax on goods produced in Hungary so it no longer a good business to produce anything down there.

Secondly foreign so-called investors have bought almost every house in the city-center of Copenhagen. They raise their rent and force small businesses out just as they were some kind of Kingpin like the one in the Daredevil television show.

We need to nationalize these houses so we can preserve the business culture in the city center and bring streets like Istedgade back to what it was just 20 years ago. France nationalized banks as late as in 1980 so even with a partly membership of the European Union until we can leave it should be possible to get the buildings from the foreign investors before they damage our business culture too much.

What about Europol?

What about it am I saying. We don’t need a membership of Europol if we close our borders. Let us start tomorrow asking for VISA’s for everyone leaving and entering our country – Even Danes. There is no need for this travel activity. The European Union is an idea of the past.

I even question democracy. If I vote for a person and this individual gets elected, this individual damn well should do their job instead of asking me to sign their workload over to someone else far away in a corrupt system like the European Union.

Yesterday was a good day for Denmark. But it was only a start. We need to leave entirely.