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Well. I am back fighting with the NAV system. I go to work. I come home. I dinner with Janni. We watch television.

Life is normal again – or at least it seems.

My mother needs extra care. A parent should never experience the pain of losing a child. It is just unnatural. She is not going out as much as before.

Counselors is just not a thing for us. We tend to work our pain away. However it is difficult when my mother has retired for work. What then?

There is only endless daytime television shows to keep her busy.

My voluntary for for the C. Eskildsen Research Center helps. Guiding young people from studying and working abroad makes me feel that I am of some uuse. Also my old student friends invited me into town just for me to feel normal for a change. It was fine. Some part of the evening it was almost as before.

I hope that I manage to move forward. I have to. For the sake of Janni if not for myself.