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Months back Microsoft stepped up against our governments policy to reduce the number of asylum seekers in Denmark.

The reason was that they feared that they would face difficulties hiring people abroad to do jobs in Denmark.

I have to say. I don’t care.

We were forced to change to NAV because Microsoft abandoned older systems. Not only that: The new consultants are young people just out of school. They don’t know a lot of about our line of business.

Microsoft do nothing about upgrading people who aid their customers implementing and adjusting their program. Yes they can buy an expensive course or three at some firm but ordinary workers cannot spend more than DKK 2,000 per year to maintain their knowledge in a specific field.

So they will be out of job and we get people who know very little about other things than the program which makes it expensive and a long process to get the program to work in the right way.

It is not fair for us customers and it is not fair for the people who have faithfully advocated for Microsofts products over several decades.

Microsoft lacks moral.