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I went down to Germany for the last time in properly many years to come.

I feel no hurry ever to go down there to a place which did cost the life of my brother.

I had to because his so-called flat – that one bedroom box he had to call his home – had to be delivered back to the landlord. We had cleaned it very nicely and I could feel that the landlord just wanted the matter to be over with. He was sweating expecting me to beat him up for having been a part of this whole affair.

Of course he has no part in it. He is happens to be the owner of these small box-sized rooms which are rented out to the unfortunate people who are forced to work down there. He is trying to make a business because there is a business opportunity. Can I hold this against him? No because if it was the other way around, I would have rented rooms to Germans.

I went down alone because I wanted to be alone and be able to think. Yes, I failed my brother. I didn’t stop him when he took the job in Germany. No young person belongs in a foreign culture. I know that I will use some of my spare time to inform others about the dangers of working abroad. I have started to believe that people from every nation should keep themselves from people from other nations. We all have our strange customs. There is no need to pollute foreigners with our customs and no need for them to show us their customs.

In his legacy I will work the isolation of Denmark just as the United States did in the years between the First and the Second World War. His death must result in something. If I couldn’t save him, maybe I can save others. I have approached the C. Eskildsen Research Center offering my time for free. I have come to terms with my loss. It must turn into something productive and I feel that my work for the Institute can be that.