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Each day is like a blur. I cannot figure out what I am doing and what I am not.

Since my brothers tragic passing I have been making myself busy because I feel guilty not having taken him back to Denmark in time. Instead he died far away from his culture, his network, his family.

And for what? For nothing!!

No job in this world, no education in this world can be worth that.

I will fight the rest of my days to prevent Danes from taking jobs abroad just because there aren’t any in Denmark. When I cleaned his apartment up, I noticed a number of letters with his social worker back in Denmark. My brother was on welfare before he took the job in Germany. The social worker wrote to in angry sentences that he should take the job in Germany or suffer being forced into various degrading community services tasks you will only order criminals to do.

A severe punishment because he was unemployed!

The letters label him as a slacker who was a burden to the society.

I am angry beyond words.

It is not the fault of us Danes that the worldwide crisis has hit Denmark so hard. The crisis came because people in Greece and Italy neglected their duties to work hard and pay taxes like we do. As result of this a lot of money was given to the lazy population down there.

Next we have to feed almost every refugee on earth because once again Italy and Greece neglected their duties to house them and identify them so they could not move on to Denmark.

My brother has died because they were lazy. He died because we force our youth to work hard while everybody looking out the windows can see people entering Denmark only to be fed and housed for free. Young people are forced to go to school despite the fact that Denmark is ruled by 179 drop-outs. Our minister controlling the IRS has left with only an elementary school exam!

I can see that my mother has lost her will to live. I can see that my father is suffering. I am bitter. I feel that my brother was unfairly punished when his case worker ordered him to be exiled. I know that I have to control my anger somewhat so I don’t go down and kick her in the head. Only common sense and my love for Janni keep me back.