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Poor customer service but a bit overreaction is what you can say about the passenger who assaulted a flight attendant on an EasyJet plane some weeks ago. There are no limits to the ordeal you are put through as a passenger on a modern flight after we lost the war on terror and altered our ordinary daily life as result of this defeat. Now we accept humiliating treatment by the so-called security personal in the airports, but that mean that we also have to endure humiliating treatment from the flight staff that live the easy life going from country to country while the passengers are treated like animals and have to go for minutes even hours before food and drinks are served?

No, it doesn’t!

However the problem is that the flight crews also sees themselves as a kind of authority in the air and unfortunately they have the backings of the police and courts in most countries. It is shameful that the customers who pay for the easy life of the flight crews are not treated with the respect they deserve. Now this poor customer who only reacted as result of being starved and humiliated risk being punished. It is shameful for the entire industry and I will call for our politicians to step in and demand better conditions for the customers.

EasyJet: Shame on you!!