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Today we are the Roman World. We have used generations to built the modern welfare society which we will be forced to dismantle as a raising number of immigrants try to cross the Mediterranean.

We have already lost so much. Our early retirement is gone for my generation, several of our young people have been forced to work abroad in uncivilized countries to get a future, our infrastructure is gone with the police monitoring for speeds so low that even my grandparents could travel faster between the Danish cities, in many lines of business it is impossible to work because the salary is so low that people would have been better off sitting in a refugee camp – just look at Ryanair.

So now people learn the several hundred of immigrants possible downed when they as modern Vandals tried to reach Italy from the modern Carthage. What can we do about this? Should we order our military to patrol the coasts in Africa and sink whatever vessel they find so it is gone before these parasites board to sail to our part of the world so they can live of welfare for many generations to come? It is possible the best solution. Italy has failed us. They have not stopped this trafic in time. They also failed to keep immigrants within their own borders.

But before we send our fleet down there we first need to order a news blackout. We dont want to know what is going on out in the ocean. Bad news is positive news for the smugglers. When people further down in Africa learn about these downings they start thinking that our part of the world must be good if people are willing to die so they can get there. All these people who down in the ocean should do so in silence.

  • As a Dane with my entire future on the line, I don’t see the suffering in the world which can justify that I who pays more than half my income in taxes should suffer in the future partly being blocked from driving anywhere because due to the speedlimits I would properly not arrive in my time, secondly the parking spaces is properly owned by some parking firms which treat their customers so cruel that they would prefer to live in a labor camp in North Korea.
  • As a Dane I must insist on further suffering.
  • As a Dane I will urge our politicians to do their job and vote for ordering all the fleets in the European Union down and destroy every veseel which can be used to smuggle parasites to our part of the world.

This new Migration period is a serious threat about our culture we have built for generations. It must be stopped.