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Can Denmark keep its position as the happiest nation in the world and to which cost will the parliament be ready for pay for it?

That is the question now where the parliament will vote on making it easier for the social services to force children from so-called mental ill parents into being adopted rather than ending up in the foster care system.

Many children have forcedly been removed from parents who even only suffer from mild case of depression, but research has shown that these children often return to their biological parents once they age out of the system. Often they take over the habits created by their mental ill parents becoming patients themselves or requiring costly treatment.

So a throughout screening of young mothers to see if they had suffered from depression or otherwise had contact with the system will put them at risk of having their children removed and placed for adoption shortly after birth. Then the risk that they will seek and find their biological parents once they are adults and thereby take over their illness will be reduced.

There is no doubt that this new move from the Danish parliament is going to save money and strengthen Denmark as being the happiest nation of the world, but too which cost?