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Janni and I took a weekend off. We drove all to Copenhagen where we slept at Denmark’s first motel, which opened in 1955 just outside Copenhagen.

From the motel we walked down to the train-station which is a quite a walk and took the train to the central of Copenhagen. Parking in Copenhagen is insane and very expensive. Maybe Tokyo is a little more expensive regarding parking than Copenhagen but that must be the only city beside Copenhagen where the prices are so insane.

Fact is that there beside public payment also are a number of firms which are scams which runs traps for drivers so you believe that you park for free and then you find a fine attached to your car.


But beside that we had some pleasant days in Copenhagen using public transport. The last we were there we were tired from the long walk to the station and decided to go to Roskilde instead. Of course also Roskilde is trying to shut the city off from visitors by introducing higher parking fees but it is not as bad as in Copenhagen.