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After a full day working on a slow Navision installation or rather waiting for a full day, I went into down with some friend.

Times are rough. Some of my co-workers lost their retirement fund on the O.W. bunker collapse. They are angry. They want some of the ships-crew arrested. In Denmark we have no traditions arresting people working in business suits and ties. White collar crimes are seldom punished as Denmark is a part of Europe where even entire countries like Switzerland and Luxembourg has laundry money for decades and helped firms cheating with taxes. Some of the small people on the floor are usually punished to satisfy investors and my co-workers are looking for blood, so they might soon pick someone random out.

We started with a dinner. The beef was nice and the wine also. The ice-cream was priceless. It tasted like we were in heaven.

Then we went to a nightclub. Sorry no one-stand for me. I had arranged to visit my parents the next day, so I went home early and almost sober.

The next day I was out visiting my parents who miss my brother very much and damn the country which allows so young people to work abroad. All in all a weekend very normal.