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The Danish group home Solhaven has been the center of a massive case involving police investigations for several years. Today a number of employees where cleared of the charges brought against them. I am not writing this to criticize the court. I guess that the rich lawyers did a fine job getting the employees off and frankly they present themselves better in court than more than 10 victims from poor or immigrant families.

Money makes the difference.

The only good thing is that Solhaven is closed. I remember a boy from my old school that went there. I have met him sometimes since. It is very clear for me that he struggles a lot as result of his stay there. It is safe to say that the stay destroyed him in a matter which is beyond repair.

As a Dane I am also kind of sad that it is something which is now acceptable. I would never surrender my child to any kind of activities involving the social services now where the courts have accepted these methods.