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A lot of people are crossing the Danish borders right now seeking asylum and they should have remained in Greece or Italy according to the Dublin agreement about refugees.

We don’t have jobs for them. We can hardly provide jobs our youth. Only due to pure luck due to Putin’s denial of Danish goods to Russia we are able to feed our homeless population with goods which should have been exported.

Still they enter Denmark in massive numbers. It is so wrong to put this kind of burden upon us – the Danes – who are among the most tested and challenged people in the world. Look at my brother. He has to endure the torment of living and working abroad where they don’t socialize and party as we do.

It is not a decent human life he has down there and we do support him all we can to basically prevent suicide! Noting less!

I become so angry with the present situation and feel neglected by the European Union when they allow Greece and Italy to get away with it.