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Good business or just smart business?

You create an Internet portal making it easy for customers to order fast-food. You enroll all fast-food businesses in an area and demand a little amount for each order. Over the years you increase this percentage until about 10-25 percent of the order is your referal fee.

Then of course some of the fast-food businesses want to leave the portal.

Then you enter their status to closed.

The customers go to their competitors believing that the fast-food businesses cannot deliver. The fast-food businesses can close or en-enter the system to a price you decide.

That is what Just-eat.dk did with fast-food businesses in Esbjerg and Holbaek in Denmark. Now they will enter markets over sea. Will your fastfood business be the next listed to have been closed or will you pay up?

Smart business, but good?

Pizzariaer dropper landsdækkende bestillingssider (holbaekonline.dk)