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2014 has been a hard year.

My brother had to exile himself to Germany due to the job-situation. My work has been hard due to the new Microsoft NAV system.

I spent Christmas with my family – aside from my brother who was on Skype. It means. December 26 my father suddenly stated that we should go out in our car and drive to Germany. We looked at him in disbelief but decided to go along. We went by my place so I could get my passport and then we drove to Germany.

My brother was so surprised when we stood outside his apartment. We shared the last Christmas food in his little apartment. It was fun. We left for Denmark late in the afternoon.

New year I will spend her in Denmark with my friends. Fatima will be there. Karl also. Last but not least Janni. Almost all the old classmates from Knightsbridge University together. It will be a wonderful evening.

My hopes for 2015 are great. It just have to be better than 2014.