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Danish students have been hit with various lawsuits as result of their binge drinking holiday – an ancient tradition in Denmark. Normally our youth celebrate their senior year in high school by celebrating in cottages in Denmark. Recently hotels in Prague have advertised cheap alcohol drinks and parties luring thousands of students to Prague.

The students were cheated – big time.

First students under 18 cannot drink alcohol in Prague. Several hundred students had to stay in hotel rooms for the entire week eating almost nothing because they could not even go to the local supermarket without being tested for alcohol. So they only lived of beers and wine for an entire week. It cannot be healthy.

Secondly now a number of students have been convicted of vandalism based on doctored surveillance tapes. Due to internal EU-rules none understand they have to pay more than 100,000 in compensation to car owners and other persons involved in the scam. Local show trials have been held without participation of the teenagers who were back in Denmark at the time of the trial.

Many parents now want our foreign department to issue a general warning against travelling to the Czech Republic. The mangers of hotels down there don’t care about who they fool to travel down there. They just want to scam the tourists for a needless stay because without cheap alcohol and parties there are nothing much going on in this country. All the culture and sights they kicked out after the second world war when they expelled a massive number of their population. It is senseless to travel to Prague. We must stop Danish teenagers from going abroad so they once again can support our old traditions and party in Denmark instead.

The local population should considered themselves grateful that some Danes took the time to visit them. It was afterall us who saw to that the cold war ended. But gratitute is shortlived. May we never hear about this country again.