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… it seems that they might hide behind the laws to do it.

Diamond Ranch Academy is located near a town in Utah called Hurricane. During the recent months they are suing anyone and everyone who is trying to say that they had a bad time there and they also try to hide the fact that two boys died in their care.

I believe that teenagers do have it best at home. Look at my poor brother who has to live in another country just to get a kind of education. I had a good time in high school drinking alcohol with friend outside school. I even tried some drugs but well I am greedy and I want to earn money. You cannot work that hard and focus when you are high, so no more drugs for me.

I understand how afraid they must be to accept in public that they failed two students who died. I understand that they run the place cheap and cut corners so the students who are locked up at the facility might not receive too many burgers, coke and ordinary student food as normal students outside the school receive and the students are angry about that. But then it is the school’s own fault. They can stop accepting students against their will.

I believe in free speech. I believe that I as a Dane from a superior culture has an obligation to speak out against places which restrict the lives of teenagers because my own time as a teenager has been so privileged.

So here is my written support to the teenagers. Diamond Ranch Academy should be shut down!