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I learned today that our government will order youth who are in line for an apprenticeship position at various firms to seek jobs in other cities or even in other parts of Denmark. That is kind of unheard off. That is disrespectful for those who seek education.

Why shall they leave their social network and family behind just to get a job?

Will they be able to find a place to live?

Will they be able mentally to withstand the loneliness which follows by living and working aprt from your family?

I know how hard it is because my brother is in Germany. It is not something he like. It is something he did out of desperation!

Then of course you will state that my brother is in another country and this banishment orders only go as far as banishing youth to another part of Denmark. Then I have to say: Danes are not used Danes.

If I moved to another part of Denmark I would be a stranger. I would be someone people would not like to do business with. I would be isolated. I would be fully dependent of the social media without seeing real people. It would not be fun.

The new legislation is as un-Danish as it can be. In Denmark we believe in social heritage. We do believe that parents aid their children to find apprenticeship positions for their children based on their social networks. The new is so wrong in so many ways that I would need a book to explain it.

Apprenticeship waiting lists too long (Denmarks Radio)