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My brother visited my parents and I came over there also. He was happy being home and was looking forward to be out in the town with his friends. Down in Germany he only speaks with his co-workers and customers. Otherwise all his spare time is spent on the computer Skyping with friends and family. It was hard when he started but now he has adjusted to a life online.

The only thing he misses is girl-friends. He takes comfort in the fact that it is only a limited time he needs to be down there.

He met a man in town the other day who greeted him. He replied respectfully but began to wonder where he had met him. It was his neighbor. He didn’t know the name of this neighbor but they have greeted each other a lot of times when entering and exiting the apartment build where he lives. It shows how little you can interact with people when you are forced to work abroad.

It was fun seeing him. It will be some months before he can come back to Denmark again.