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…. it is not a good idea if you live in Denmark.

Zelda who is the daughter of the late Robin Williams has urged people to seek treatment for their mental illnesses.

However being a Dane supposedly living the happiest nation in the world, I cannot recommend that before you have looked upon the burden you will inflict on your family for decades. A family I know has just left their home for 15 years to seek a kind of asylum down at Lolland. They are not allowed a high income until their children will turn 21.

Why? Because the father got a depression when he lost his work!

Years later when one of his daughters also got a depression the family was ordered to pay an income-based monthly fine for the treatment because the mother had failed to keep the father out of the home when he was released from hospital. The authorities determined that he infected the child with depression causing the public health care of the burden to cure her illness. It is only mental illnesses which are considered dangerous for the children. Had the child inherited the genes for some kind of physical illness, the public health care would have cured this for free.

To get a mental illness in Denmark is still equal with some level stigma. Of course Denmark doesn’t neuter people suffering from mental illnesses against their will, so the gene pool can be improved. We haven’t done so since 1967. But by ordering people to pay fines the same result can be achieved because people suffering from depression would not put children into the world if they know that they will be fined month after month beyond the adulthood of the child if they tried.

Denmark has lost its position as the happiest nation in the world. However we will be able to regain this title once depression has been eliminated as an illness. I find the price of the present strategy towards this goal a little too high.