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I just heard that some politicians want to import workers to Denmark regardless of their origins. They must be crazy. My own brother had to go to Germany to get an education. It has been degrading for our entire family that our own country could not provide a decent career for our love ones.

We don’t need additional workers in Denmark. 20 percent of all our youth cannot get an education because they live far away from the schools in the larger cities and if you are a student there is no housing in Copenhagen unless you have rich parents. 40,000 people have lost their unemployment benefits. Every summer tons of workers from Sweden come to Denmark and take seasonal jobs which the Danes cannot apply to because they have to work in that job for 12 months to earn unemployment benefits while the people from Sweden only have to work for six months because they can go back to Sweden and be drunk for the winter until spring when they have to work again.

I feel that I not only belonging to a generation who has been cheated for our early retirement which was the very core of our welfare society. I feel that our politicians are about to cheat each and everyone of us by ripping our families apart so our sons, daughters and brothers have to travel far away from us to work for almost nothing like my brother does only to return home to find that workers from abroad have taken the jobs.

It is unfair and unjust. Our politicians sold us out and in a not so far future we have to ask ourselves if the present political system will function for our society when they only think in the larger lines where ordinary people are sacrificed.

I am not calling for dictatorship but regardless of whom we are voting on, they sell us out, so why vote at all. If a person would actively work for exporting the torment and hurting as we Danes are exposed to right now I would vote for him this very minute.