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I just got my new passport 14 days ago. While Denmark is part of the Schengen Area it is a good idea to have a passport when traveling in Germany so you can show the police who you are. You have to say “Sie” when you address the police. If you use “Du” which is more natural to us Danes you are fined because it is an insult not to address a German official recognizing his superior position.

So I came to Egernførde which today is part of Germany. It used to be part of Denmark but we lost the war in 1864 so it is not ours anymore. It is the town my brother will have to live in for the next 3 years while he gets his education. It won’t be fun for him but in these times of economically hardship he really doesn’t have any choice.

His new apartment consists of a room where he sleeps, a hallway where the kitchen is and a toilet where he can shower. Not great but it is very much the time as I lived in for some years, so it will do. We all had frozen food kept cold in our cars and my brother purchased various stuff in the local supermarket. I worked on the Internet connection so now we will able to Skype to each other.

Nice town but not one I would live in. I don’t know where the bars are. I don’t know if his workplace follows normal Danish customs where the employees drink a beer at the workplace Friday after work and share the happenings during the week. He will properly be lonely because there is no people he knows here but it is a job for only some years and then he can get back to the real life.