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We Danes are the inventors of the Jante law. That is why I accept that credit card informations about the rich and famous were sold by an employee working for IBM, which was sub-contractor for NETS which handles all credit card transactions in Denmark.

The buyers were the the tabloid press so the reporters could locate the rich and famous based on the information. I know that a lot of Danes agree with me about the fact that it creates read-worthy news in a times where even the supreme courts judges accept that it is OK for public officials to lie, if the lie is an emergency lie.

We have also learned that employees at the hospital inform reporters when celebrities are scanned for pregnancies and individual police officers inform the press when celebrities are caught with recreational drugs. Both police officers and nurses have low salaries compared to their foreign colleges so they are easy to bribe.

That is Denmark. I am proud that we have a free press. I would much rather read about DUI’s among musicians and politicians than Syria, Ukraine and hunger in the third world. I have no surplus for anything going on outside Denmark thanks to the cuts in early retirement. The police should stop their investigation now so we can continue to have some entertainment.