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I was home visiting my parents. They had bad news. Due to the massive unemployment my kid-brother will have to seek a job in the northern part of Germany so he can get his education. He might have to live down there for 3 years. So make it possible for him to survive and not starve to death we all have to send him money every month because the German salaries are so much lower than in Denmark.

When the wall came down it was East Germany which won when it comes to the economy. West Germany did only win when it came to the economically situation. There is massive unemployment. Businesses have been declared bankrupt and some have been purchased by firms from the eastern part of Europe. The world has been turned upside-down for the economy which once was the best in Europe. Mostly because Germany carries the burden of the entire Europe. All the lazy nations in the southern part of Europe where they don’t know the meaning of hard work are paid for by Germany.

In Germany my brother will be paid short of DKK 4,000. Due to the fact that it is another country we have to set up a strong internet connection because he is young and with social network. We will have nothing in common with the local people and will basically have to remain in his room being hooked up on the internet with friends and family here in Denmark for his entire time in Germany. It will hard for him but to be on welfare in Denmark is a long life being punished by lazy case workers who don’t even want to be kept updated on their own with the latest laws. Most of us are away from work from time to time to get our skills upgrades but not the workers down at the job-placement offices.

He will start working there later this year. The contract has been signed. While he is nervous he also wants a future and this job is a kind of investment. We only have to support him while he is down there so he doesn’t return being put in massive debt because the low pay might have forced him to take loans instead.

I wish him good luck.