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The new Navision business system is expensive to run, so the management didn’t have any choice when they announced that one more had to find a new job. We are all worried.

The general manager who has been in this business for 30 years told us that the first version of the business program they purchase did cost the company about DKK 5,000 in 1989 in yearly maintenance costs. It was a 200 user version. The 30 user version we have purchased cost more than DKK 100,000 to run and it is only the cost so we have the right to receive updates from Microsoft.

The number of external consultants who can sell us adjustments to the program have been lowered due to the new version and the cost for one hour of help have increased with 10-15 percent due to the demand when there are fewer places where you can buy this kind of work.

Our manager told us that one hour back in 1989 did cost DKK 390 and today we pay DKK 1,200. How can a program which basically offers the same kind of functions explode in increased costs?

I don’t understand it. I just want to keep my job.