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I hope the parents of the many Danish students who are in Prague right now pull their children home early. I know that they have paid a lot of money for the trip which included access to night clubs.

However the approach of the local police arresting minors and leaving them without access to diplomatic help when they are forced to sign papers in local language which is in fact against international law should urge every responsible parent to secure their child and take the child home.

I have to question the entire enterprise. Minors have no use of contacts to foreigners. I cannot count the many times where I have played stupit when tourist have asked me questions. In such cases I only speak Danish. None asked them to visit Denmark and when they are from the Eastern part of Europe they are most likely here to steal our money, break into our houses or take our jobs by working for almost nothing.

Prague has been marketed for a full year as a place with cheap alcohol, easy girls and drugs. The night clubs are free to enter but it costs when you try to leave. They are basically traps for tourists.

This year the local police also arrest every youth who has been drinking alcohol when they are aged below 18. The minors have to sign arrest papers in the Czech language which none understand. It is not fair because the tourist industry in Prague has used a full year to lure minors down there promising the cheap alcohol.

Please pull the teens. The people in Prague don’t need tourists. Young Danes who live in a superior culture don’t need the contact to foreigners. It would be a win-win situation simply to stop any contact between our two countries.