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Last weekend I visited Karl and Fatima. I used to study with them at Knightsbridge. They are both employed which is good considering these times with economic hardship.

Karl works at a bar. Fatima manages her parents shop. She is a greengrocer. We had a fine meal. Fatima doesn’t drink because she is a heathen but that does not make her a bad person. Normally I would be careful around people with her belief because one of my friends lost his life when he was stationed abroad as a soldier by a suicide bomber and it is a well-known fact that the suicide bombers don’t drink alcohol so the suspected suicide bombers are easy to detect in Denmark.

However Fatima is a good woman who has nothing against our way of life and as I wrote above, I studied with her for some years.

Time passes fast and I is difficult that years have gone since we made our last assignment together. Age has made its marks. Life seems to be like that. I was really nice to see them again.