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Our manager came down to our department and annouced that the firm would be firing some employees in our computer department. We use the C5 program from Microsoft for accounting and management of customers, suppliers and our inventory.

But Microsoft wants to put a new version on the market which don’t support the present adjustments and in our system we do have more than a few adjustment to the standard version.

The people over in the Computer department are old. They are over 40 and one of them told me that it would cost about 60,000 DKK per person to certify them in the new version. It would take about 6 years before the firm would see benefits from this investment so it is cheaper to fire them and hire young people to take their place. When they are above 40 people in general have a poor health and they are in higher risk of becoming ill or even die.

Everybody understands why we have to let them go, but that doesn’t mean that we are happy with the decision. But when we are talking Microsoft products little people are of no concern.