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I landed a new position with real pay. Since I graduated the university (Knightsbridge which is now closed) I have experienced some difficulties getting recognition for the time spent studying. The academic world in Denmark is small and they tend to keep higher education for themselves. Knightsbridge was not regarded as a finer place for education because it mostly was students from poor or foreign background who studied there.

The department of education in Denmark is very strict. Danish exchange students who spend a year in the United States will not receive credit for the courses they attend regardless of which high school they use. No high school in the United States or in most countries is good enough. They regard the Danish high school system to be so much better that they see the time exchange students spend abroad as a gab year. The exchange students could just as well spend their time on the beach doing nothing for the entire school year according to the department of education.

Is it fair? Maybe! Some years ago a Danish computer firm broke all records and received that finest rating among accounting firms. But the firm known as IT Factory was in reality a scam. Stein Bagger had a fine degree from a university in the United States. Due to difficulties with the translation none were able to check whether the exams were real or fake. The exams papers were fakes, but he was able to land the job as manager and then he moved money around so it looked like the firm was selling very well.

But Bagger’s crimes have affected my chances of getting a job. The job I landed has nothing to do with my studies. I have to say that I cannot state if going to school and studying hard is a good idea because it has not helped me.