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The Danish parliament conducted a hearing about case of the former police informer and single mother Camilla Broe, who was extradited to the United States back in September 2009.

The present minister of justice – Brian Mikkelsen – did strongly deny any pressure against the DEA to have her extradited.

It is the totally opposite statement that the DEA agent gave during the pre-trial process in Florida.

If a minister lies to the parliament and it can be proven the entire government can be forced to resign. Somehow I don’t think that he would risk that.

So it must be the DEA agent who is somehow forgetting the truth.

I have to ask whether you have to speak the truth during the pre-trial process. Are the people who give testimony under oath? Can they be punished for not speaking the truth?

The judge ended up exonerating her, but that decision has been appealed and it seems that the prosecution will not keep up their end of the extradition agreement because they will charge her with conspiracy which is not a crime in Denmark.

So now it is not only our ministry of justice which is involved. It will involve our foreign department also because the terms of extradition agreement is violated.

Update september 2012

Camilla Broe was extradited to the United States where she was jailed and faced with the phony charges. She was so lucky to get an expensive attorney and she was exonerated. She is back in Denmark where she tries to rebuild her life after she was cheated by both the Danish government and the police in Florida.