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Normally you should expect voters to hold Politicians accountable for their actions.

In Denmark voters don’t!

Look at the former minister of justice – Lene Espersen.

According to a testimony done by a DEA agent in the Pre-trial phase in the case against Camilla Broe, it was the former minister of justice, who personally forced the DEA to seek extradition of this single mother based on her work as police informer back in the 1990’s.

This case was ruled too old by the judge yesterday and if you read his ruling you can see that it was political motivated. Political motivated or not, it has already meant that fewer students than ever want to study abroad. Organizations which are giving advice to youth considering this are warned with this case as example.

But back to Lene Espersen. What have she done as a Politician?

  • She entered Danish politics lying about where she lived, so she could collect money for travelling.
  • She sacrificed Kirsten Chesnut.
  • She destroyed the Danish police by ordering a re-structure of it.
  • She did the same with our court system.

I have to ask: Should those failures not have meant that the voters should have refrained from voting on her.

Yes, it should!

But it didn’t!

Then I have to ask: How do you as a ordinary citizen secure that honesty and accountability are kept?

The answer is that there is no control longer.

It is the single responsibility we voters have. I am sad that we have failed our duty.

  • Sad because we now live in fear because there is no police who will come if we report a crime.
  • Sad because a case in our court system can go on for decades. One person had to wait 14 years before she could get pension after an accident.
  • Sad because her action have meant that a single mother who was tricked into helping drug smugglers by giving them advice about clothing and who reported them to the police and volunteered to be a undercover agent lost 3 years on her life in various courts.
  • Sad because her failure to order an investigation meant that another mother lost the right to see her son during his upbringing.

I don’t know where our once famous democracy can go from this point of.

Update september 2012

Eventually she had to resign when it became clear that she had extradited a woman all the way to the United States only to be cleared of a lot of phony charges. The new chairman came in too late and today it is a question whether they will be represented in the parliament in the future.